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Assisting Your Practice

How we can assist you and your practice.

Our prosthodontic practice can assist you and your team in several ways.  We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of patient requiring complex prosthodontic reconstruction, usually involving multiple appointment procedures. You may feel less than comfortable in starting this type of treatment, or you may not want to assume the liability in more difficult cases.  Our practice is here for you.

  • We will take care of your patients the same way as you take care of them.
  • We will always keep you in loop regarding your patient’s treatment progress.
  • We will assure that your patient will get the best care you expected from our practice upon referral.
  • We will make certain that your patient will have excellent experience in our office to tell you when you see your patient back for their regular dental care.

What are the typical cases and reasons why general dentist refer their cases to us.

  • Patients with highly resorbed residual ridges and dentist may not feel comfortable fabricating a removable denture.
  • Patient that may require increasing or opening the vertical dimension of occlusion.
  • Dentist feels uncomfortable changing the jaw relations and determining if the restoration should be in CR or MI.
  • Dentist may feel uncomfortable restoring high-risk cosmetic cases.
  • Patients with moderate to high caries index, sever erosion, and badly broken down teeth.
  • Dentist may not feel at ease with full mouth reconstructions, implant treatment planning, implant restorations, dentures, or combinations of these treatments.
  • Cases where teeth are already lost or will soon be lost due poor periodontal prognosis.  Dentist may not feel comfortable determining when to restore or when to extract the teeth.
  • Patients with failing or failed root canals, restorations, implants, or removable prosthetics.
  • Cases that may require multi specialist coordination. The Prosthodontist will act as a ‘quarterback’ to coordinate your patient’s best treatment.